blend your own reality.

We create objects, furniture and products inspired by everyday life – independently or in collaboration.

blndd.label offers space for conceptual ideas that create impulses and are committed to sustainability. The English word ‘to blend’ stands for mixing, connecting, combining, merging, harmonizing. According to this principle we construct new realities.
The merging of different influences and styles creates a language of form that enables the viewer to change perspectives. Freshly animated objects offer both peculiarity and familiarity. They ask questions and offer answers.

Our sources of inspiration are multi-layered themes that accompany our lives in a profound way: Pollution, war, fear, visions, love, hope, happiness. This results in timeless designs that play with the zeitgeist. The motifs remain as reminiscences: provocative and appeasing at the same time.

blndd – blend your own reality – our enemy of choice is ignorance towards design, our weapon of choice is design, our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever styles you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating design. design will never stop, the heartbeat will never fade – design will never end! blend it!

Georgios Rafailis - Former Co-Founder of Blended Ltd.

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