Bar e Piadina

Cesary II

While the coffee bar ( Cesary I ) is populated by mostly sociable people, the second part of the restaurant invites you to stay a little longer and lean back. Here you can enjoy specialities like the homemade piadinas in peace and quiet. The concept of the coffee bar is continued and complemented with harmonious details. The cosy plum-purple seating puts you in a festive and noble mood and provides a subtle touch of extravagance. Just right to switch off from work at midday or to stay in a good mood in the evening.

The implementation

Interior design

Client Cesari TIM GmbH
Location Kornhausplatz 11 | 3011 Bern | Schweiz
Services Innenarchitektur, Design, Corporate Design, Projektleitung
Project partner Komamako – Marco Simonetti, Igor Di-Zio

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