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La Prairie House

La Prairie House is La Prairie’s first global brand residence. It combines gallery, studio and treatment facilities in a homely atmosphere. A sanctuary for body, mind and culture in the heart of the urban jungle.

In the foyer, guests are welcomed by a gallery-like installation that reveals the brand’s rich heritage: from its roots in the La Prairie clinic in Montreux, where Dr Paul Niehans began his pioneering research in cell therapy in 1931, to other key moments in the brand’s history.

La Prairie is more than a luxury skincare brand. It has always fostered and promoted a profound relationship with art. The cobalt blue jars of the “Skin Caviar” line, for example, are inspired by a creative exchange with Niki de Saint Phalle in the early 1980s. This connection to contemporary art is deliberately given space in La Prairie House:
After the foyer, one arrives at a temporary exhibition. Consisting of selected works created in synergy with the artist and the brand. These commissioned works build a thematic bridge to Switzerland. Further on, one enters the salon, which serves as the main reception room. With wall-high windows, flooded with light and painted in warm grey-white, the place appears like a fresh breeze high above the streets of Hong Kong. The colour and design is inspired by snowy Swiss mountains. It exudes soothing calm and serenity. The low, soft sofas invite you to let yourself fall as if into deep snow.

The design language is clear, clean and yet blends into an organic ensemble. It plays with micro and macro structures to emphasise La Prairie’s brand DNA. Whether by day or night, the transitions between outside and inside, city and nature flow into each other. They form a delicate mesh in which timeless beauty and contemporary art can interact.

However, the interior also sees itself as a canvas that is only really enlivened by the guests. Guests who feel at home and at ease. In spaces that feel natural and welcoming – as if they were an extended skin.

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Client Laboratoires La Prairie SA
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