MELS initiates and develops the mobile market with agile processes.

The logo takes stylistic and colour elements from the Swisscom logo to pay tribute to its origin. Like a bird taking wing, it wants the necessary independence. The axis of the logo now runs horizontally, the strands stand for well thought-out networking, fast connections and future-oriented solutions. The logo reflects the high dynamics of the industry.

In an 8-minute film, the internal target image 2025 is formulated on the basis of staff interviews. What sounds long-winded and dry in theory comes across as light-footed and comprehensible in practice.
Employees talk about facts, perspectives and visions. And although speaking in front of the camera is not their daily routine, they carry the film authentically. Motivating beats underpin the messages and the drive of the team, which impresses with its diversity. These people manage to make the viewer feel at ease and listen with pleasure.
Neither boring with too much monotony nor banging the drum with too many effects, a close target presentation has been created.
We thank Swisscom and the contributors for their commitment and trust.

The Logo

Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

Making of

Motion Design

Making of Clip

Motion Design

Client Swisscom Enterprise Mobile
Location Berne
Services Motion Design Concept and Direction, Logo
Project Partner
TopFuel Media – Post Production
Mera Film AG – Camera

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