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Perfectly fitting trousers, tailor-made, simply ordered online – that’s what Selfnation, a young start-up that produces sustainably and locally, offers.
As a pure online business, Selfnation had the opportunity to open a pop-up store in the Zurich main station. A chance to get into direct customer contact with people who are less attached to the digital world.
The walk-in customers at Zurich Main Station are enormous – but they are not there primarily to shop, but to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Therefore, the challenge was to design a shop that is immediately appealing and radiates an attractive, unobtrusive sympathy. This starts with the long-distance effect, continues through to entering the store and ends with the customer being welcomed by a member of staff. The most important thing was that the pop-up shop radiates a character that fits the brand and arouses curiosity through value.
The previously developed POS coat stand ( see Selfnation, Blickfang Zürich 2018 ) was again included as a central sales element. To give it this stage, the background was kept in black and supplemented by a further shelf.

“For us the short term shop was a great success with great feedback and exceeded expectations”. is the conclusion of Content Manager Martina Banderet.

The implementation

Brand in a Room

Client Selfnation AG
Location Hauptbahnhof | Zürich
Services Corporate Design, POS Design Konzept
Project partner Baer Schreinerei & Aroma AG
Fotography Flavia Reinhard
Web www.selfnation.ch

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