Repeat Cashmere

Repeat Cashmere stands for stylish and comfortable cashmere fashion. The very first flagship store is located in the old town of Bern.
For the interior, we have worked with indirect light, soft shapes and edges on the one hand; on the other hand, the chrome steel shelves and wall-high mirrors bring out the sensual softness of the product more tangibly. A combination that underlines the comfort and complements it with haptic counter elements.
On the upper and lower floors there are generous walls in which individual items of clothing and decorative objects find their place in a box-like manner. The mixture of peep-box and niches is intended to provide an overview of the collections and focus on the luxurious value of cashmere yarn.

The implementation

Interior Design

Client The Repeat Group
Location Kramgasse 53 | 3001 Bern | Schweiz
Services Innenarchitektur, Design, Corporate Design, Projektleitung
Project partner Komamako – Marco Simonetti, Igor Di-Zio

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