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Sparkling Cosmetics

Sparkling Cosmetics defines cosmetics as craftsmanship and science. High quality and individuality are written in capital letters in the philosophy, therefore special value was put on unique pieces for the interior decoration. On the one hand they consist of antique originals, on the other hand they are custom-made, like the round glass table, whose top stands on a base from our VeA . Two merged, free-standing Grid shelves act in the treatment room as separating elements and multiple. In an intensive search process, complementary cool and warm counterparts were found to emphasize a balance between professionalism and well-being.
A place of well-being with a homely atmosphere. Like the apartment of a good friend, which one likes to visit and where one likes to stay longer.

The Interior

Corporate Design

The implementation

Interior Design

Client Sparkling Cosmetics GmbH
Location Amthausgasse 3 | 3011 Bern | Schweiz
Services Innenarchitektur, Corporate Design, Projektleitung

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