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Ylex offers legal advice and legal support on everyday issues: online, by phone or in walk-in stores. The pricing model is modular, transparent and clear. Perfect for people who need legal advice – but going to a lawyer seems too overwhelming.
The aim of the Ylex pop-up shops in various Swiss Post branches is to further reduce the inhibition threshold for legal advice. After all, people can often do something for their rights and personal integrity more easily than they realise.

The design concept takes up the modularity of Ylex. The individual stand units are assembled according to the given space. The pop-up shops blend in with the post offices without being disruptive, yet sufficiently eye-catching.
The simple construction reflects the closeness and uncomplicatedness that Ylex stands for. The centrepiece is the Ypsilon-shaped table. An eye-catcher that on the one hand invites people to want to find out more and on the other strengthens the brand itself. The pop-up shops are small islands in everyday life where you can get valuable information in a personal conversation and, last but not least, gain hope.

The origin of an idea

Corporate Design

The implementation

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Client Ylex AG
Location Zürich
Services Interior architecture , Design

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