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Successful brand management is becoming more and more challenging – new points of interaction are constantly emerging on the value chain, it seems difficult to establish a clear positioning, customer loyalty is loosing ground.

We believe that in the age of digital and physical fusion, relationships and experiences are more important than ever before. That’s why we founded blndd. in 2011 and relaunched it in 2018.

We work open-mindedly and in close collaboration with our clients. We develop holistic design concepts in dialogue: authentic, multi-sensory, emotionally appealing and economical.

Our strengths are finding the right balance between attention and unobtrusiveness and creating pleasant atmospheres. The end customer as well as the provider should feel comfortable, and be able to develop trust and mutual respect. We create recognition, clarity and conclusive transitions – but not at the loss of personalities.

How we operate

Our working attitude is sociable, participative and characterized by clear values. We act free-thinking within coordinated processes, because this is how we unfold our potential and set high standards.

We believe that a balanced relationship between room for development and structure makes it much easier to immerse oneself in the brand world. The 4-phase process gives us and our clients the necessary basis and orientation to support projects in a goal-oriented manner.

In order to find optimal solutions for every customer need and every challenge, we can rely on a network of specialists and creative minds: from the first sketch to planning and implementation.

The 4-phase process

The 4-phase process forms the basis of our orientation in order to establish or continue brand-specific communication patterns.


Viewing the log book

In the first phase we define the status quo, needs, challenges and goals of all project components.
The analysis includes markets, brands, people and the iconographic repertoire. The insights form a common understanding of the existing and desired benefit and identity dimensions.


Reaching for the stars

In the second phase we develop communicative guidelines and ideal solution concepts. In doing so, we start from the discussed degree of innovation of a product or service.
The brand signature is concretized or supplemented with concrete signals and associations. These structures are visualized with the help of visual tools such as mood boards and provide a high-quality direction.


Set up the spaceship

In the third phase, the visionary approach is brought into the present, checked for feasibility and adapted. Assessment criteria such as aesthetics, quality, authenticity, passion, tactile qualities, curiosity and excitement further assess the concept’s attractiveness.
At this stage, the development phases are completed, and depending on the project, models or prototypes are created.
The brand promise is encoded and a consistent, holistic concept is available. The content, creative implementation and channels are defined.


…and lift-off

In the fourth phase, the concept will be implemented in all relevant touch points and channels.
However, the project is not completed with the implementation, but enters into an identity cycle in which the brand must be further assessed, recorded, cultivated and maintained.
With the right partners, a brand can be successfully managed and sustainably established, grow and adapt to changing needs. We see ourselves as such a partner for continuous brand innovation.

The brand identity cycle

Where we start

Your needs as a client are of course individual and appropriate solutions are a customized matter. We can offer you maximum flexibility within your request. In the above-mentioned brand identity cycle, we can take an all-embracing, concrete or additive approach. We offer the following options:


  • We accompany you in the long term.
    We help to build, revitalize and maintain your brand or service in an all-embracing way. The development is continuous, clear and consistent, without being at the whims and the urge for change of different creative departments. The processes of strategy and implementation are therefore never separate and sequential, but integrated and parallel from the very beginning. We guide you competently through all phases of the work.

  • We accompany you analytically.
    You have a concern in the strategy area (brand assessment, positioning, POS elements, etc.).

  • We accompany you specifically.
    You have a concern in the communication area (POS design, adaptation of web presence, sharpening of brand identity, etc.).

  • We accompany you selectively.
    You have a concern in the fields of implementation or spatial design (campaign, event, exhibition stand, etc.).

Our range of services



Take strategic initiatives and implement innovations
  • Identification of new business areas
  • Strengthening of services, products and product portfolios
  • Revitalization of brand appearances and customer experiences
  • Opening up new markets, regions and customers
  • Synchronisation of internal departments and external partners
  • Brand maintenance and management

Consulting and strategy

Analyse the now and define future behaviour plans
  • Development of the brand positioning
  • Inventory and diagnosis of the status quo
  • Capture of markets, brands, people and signals
  • Inventory of all sensory channels
  • Identification of success factors
  • Building a basic understanding
  • Declaration of identity
  • Character Finding
  • Definition of user promises and distinguishing features
  • Elaborate and/or supplement mission statement
  • Define Corporate Identity(CI) respectively the self-image of the brand/company


Acknowledge your values and make them visible
  • Development of unique appearances
  • Visualization of values and user promises
  • Creation of consistent image worlds through concise basic elements
  • Making brands intuitively tangible
  • Expressing identity and character
  • Creating corporate design (CD) or the appearance of the brand/company



Graphic Design

Finding creative solutions for the brand image
  • Logo design
  • Storytelling
  • Packaging design
  • Print media design: image brochures, posters, flyers
  • classic campaigns
  • cross-media campaigns
  • Motion Design

Digital brand management

Updating and maintaining brands digitally
  • Brand digitalization
  • Creation of websites and apps
  • Adaptation of digital usability
  • cross-media campaigns
  • Motion Design

Brand in a room

Creating unique spaces for brands and inspiring encounters
  • Spatial design and communication concepts
  • Exhibitions
  • Point-of-Sales
  • Workspaces
  • temporary
  • permanently
  • Staging of products and services
  • Give spatial expression to identities

Interior Architecture

Design functional and atmospheric rooms
  • Consulting
  • Planning concepts for new buildings or renovations
  • Conception of light, color, form and materialization
  • Project management

Interior design

Understanding spaces as extended skin
  • Consulting for private and business areas
  • Conception of furnishing, light and colour
  • Search of art objects and pictures
  • Design and individual production of furniture and personalized objects

Our clients

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