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Armin Strom

What a successful start to an open-minded, goal-oriented cooperation. Armin Strom team, thank you for the trust and the dialogue.

Seemingly effortlessly, Armin Strom sets new standards in the watch industry. Behind those are adeptly pursued visions, passionate dedication and a substantial understanding of craftsmanship. The “When Mastery Becomes Relevant” campaign builds bridges to products from industries with the same high quality standards. Seamlessly blending image collages communicate in an understandable and striking way that that extra bit of precision is what makes it so special. When Mastery Becomes Relevant creates connections. It takes the viewer into parallel worlds that reflect and complement Armin Strom’s philosophy. It captures the spirit of discovery and celebrates craftsmanship. Whether these are to be found in pâtisserie, aeronautics or motor sport.

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Corporate Identity

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Corporate Campaign


Corporate Identity

Client Armin Strom AG
Location Biel / Bienne
Services Corporate Identity / Branding

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