Bar e Piadina

Cesary I

Bar Cesary – Un’isola di gusto

The Cesari brothers offer the best Italian coffee in the city of Bern.
Guests are welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere: whether in the exposed bar on the ground floor or in the more intimate lounge in the soussol. The interior of the Cesary coffee bar is kept dark, but illuminated by bright colour accents and appropriate music. The innkeepers have opened their family album for a very personal feature: aesthetic black-and-white portraits and wedding photographs of grandparents and parents decorate the walls and tables life-size (Cesary II). They tell a story of authentic Italian elegance, the likes of which a photo shoot would never have been able to achieve. They complete the unmistakable character of proud nostalgia, pulsating coolness and tasty specialities.
The Cesary logo is based on the emblem of the Italian Republic. It is intended to highlight the strong bond between the brothers and their country of origin and at the same time act as a seal of quality.

The Branding

Corporate Identity

The implementation

Interior Design

Client Cesari TIM GmbH
Location Kornhausplatz 11 | 3011 Bern | Schweiz
Services Innenarchitektur, Design, Corporate Design, Projektleitung
Project partner Komamako – Marco Simonetti, Igor Di-Zio

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