And from this slumber you will awaken, if you have true understanding, the spell will break.

Why has this beauty fallen into a deep sleep? Perhaps she was too overwhelmed in a noisy, intrusive world Perhaps blinded eyes were watching over her. Or perhaps she was in a cocoon and now performs in an advanced style.

The task of the Zenith stand Baselword 2019 is to make customers understand the brand. A kiss of honour for past iconic achievements, the dawning of a new era of iconic products and the definition of the future of tradition.

Zenith is now a dynamic brand with a deeply rooted sense of innovation and an open-minded attitude. Its spirit challenges as much as it needs to. The stand concept offers opportunities to encourage this search for sublimity by adding value from an intellectual and poetic point of view and revealing the desire for discovery. His task is to transcend boundaries and defy prejudices.

Visitors absorb the brand’s enthusiasm for connecting, meeting, challenging and integrating colleagues: The past connects with the future, inviting experts meet savvy customers, technological challenges gravity, excitement integrates humility. When they leave the stand, they feel the belief that Zenith is adapting to their evolving needs. They understand that Zenith preserves a tradition of innovation.

The origin of an idea

Corporate Design

The visualization


The Movie


Client Zenith – Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA
Location Baselworld | Switzerland
Services Innenarchitektur, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design
Project partner 3D Pixelschmiede
Project partner Video Top Fuel

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